celestino marco cavalli

Celestino Marco Cavalli was born in 1981 in Valenza, Italy.
At some point in his life, he leaves the family business because he feels a strong motivation towards the photographic practice, and he begins to work as a freelance photographer.
In the meantime, he carries on with his personal research through the photographic medium and obtains a degree in New Art Technologies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino.
His artistic practice is based on an intense introspection, translated in brief autobiographical tales in which text and image are intertwined in an evocative manner.
In 2023 he has a meaningful experience at the border between Italy and France, coming in contact with the reality of migratory flows, and he realizes an intervention which fuses political action with poetic arts.
This new approach marks a change in his path, shifting the focus from himself to the Other, although maintaining his own identitary research.
Some of his works have been displayed in different settings between 2022 and 2023, including the Centro Arti Visive Pescheria of Pesaro, the National Prize of the Arts of Lecce, the Notte della fotografia of Piacenza and the Adele Cappelli Gallery of Urbino.
He lives and works in Valenza, Italy.

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